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Marc was born with a Camera in each hand and a curious mind. This is let him on the lifetime of adventure and every imaginable type of photography. He is now fascinated with the abstract images he created from quite ordinary photos. He finds almost everybody who looks at them drawn in …..full of questions….. and absolutely fascinated...

Biography - Marc Bernardi

Marc was born with the camera in each hand and the curious mind. This would surely lead to trouble. Actually this was a key component in his exciting and almost unbelievable  life, He is now fascinated with the abstract images.  These images  are created  with insightful photography and  then ratified using his Computer  like  a misdirected sledgehammer… the result?  Almost everyone who sees them stopped dead in their tracks ……..  simply put, they just interesting, appealing and some of these images are even for sale in his book or on an individual basis per your request. He i's easy to talk to, and will spend some time pointing your down your own adventurous path should you desire